Crysis Goes Sci-Fi in StarCry Mod

| 2 Oct 2012 07:45

Lightsabers and Gnashers are together at last in a complete overhaul package.

Crysis, the game that humbled a generation of graphics cards back in 2007, still looks pretty good nowadays. For all its flying tentacled aliens, however, a group of enterprising modders thought the game was left wanting in the science-fiction department. They decided to step up four years ago to give the game some sci-fi legs, and now an official release for the mod is finally available.

StarCry weighs in at 1.2GB, and four years of work yields 1000 new objects, 2000 textures, 20 weapons, and an additional 1000 lines of dialog to the base game. The modders estimate that players will get around 8 hours of gameplay on their first playthrough.

References are aplenty in the release, drawn from sci-fi universes in "movies, TV shows, video games - famous or canceled, alongside original creations, while still having a coherent storyline". Screenshots reveal plenty of Stargate inspiration in the package, although the dev team insists that the mod is not based on the franchise, "even if some models have a similar design (the main character is a SG fan)."

The changes do go beyond the cosmetic, though. The official site shows that there's an experience system in place to unlock weapons, as well as a food mechanic to replenish health, and some interactive dialogue sessions.

Props to the team for having the diligence and discipline to see the project through after all this time. There aren't enough mods that survive long enough to see the light of day, and StarCry looks like it should scratch your sci-fi itch.

Source & Media: Media-Pixel

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