Architects Nominate Mojang's "Hot" Office for Design Award

| 2 Oct 2012 10:38

If you ever wanted to know what Notch's office looks like, now's the time to find out.

Videogames get nominated for all kinds of awards, but this time out Minecraft creators Mojang may get something few others have: an architectural award, for having the Hottest Offices in Sweden. Judging by the photographic evidence the nomination is well deserved, though you do have to wonder whether the photographer stumbled into a Swedish branch of the Athenaem Club by accident.

The interior is the work of BSK Architects, a Swedish firm that, according to its website, combines "the highest ambition [with] attitude, courage and humor." The Hot Office Award is a relatively new contest that aims to show off Sweden's finest examples of office interior design, and to the winner goes the prize: "an exclusive work of art" to gussie up the place. Or a year's loan of a fishtank, for whoever gets second place.

Notch has been quietly gleeful, at least on Twitter, about the nomination. Possibly he's trying to think of where he might put the prize; a difficult challenge, given what's there already. Excellent healthcare, highly educated population with a booming tech sector, one of the top ten happiest nations in the world, delicious food and now offices like these; is there a reason not to live in Sweden?

Source: VG24/7, Sveriges Snyggaste Kontor 2012

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