Canadian University Bans Nintendo Zapper Image

| 9 Oct 2012 12:26

Saint Mary's University has deemed that Nintendo's Power Glove is far less offensive than its Zapper.

It's no joke running a student society, but the recently formed Saint Mary's University (Halifax) Gaming Society found itself in unanticipated hot water when its poster ran afoul of University guidelines. The Nintendo Zapper, plastic firearm of the 1980s, was the culprit; the concern was that the toy pistol's image, used by the society in advertising for a social event, could damage the reputation of the University.

The Zapper was swiftly replaced with a Power Glove, and peace was restored to the campus. "Any society on campus that ratifies agrees to follow certain SMUSA policies regarding conduct," the student newspaper notes, adding that "societies not following policy can be disciplined in a number of ways, including the loss of status with the student association."

Saint Mary's (Halifax) is a Roman Catholic founded University; What You Do, Do Well, is its motto. Presumably shooting fake ducks with a plastic light gun from the 1980s is something Saint Mary's would prefer its students didn't do well. Though to be fair to Saint Mary's, without the Zapper's cord in the picture someone who didn't know much about gaming - or firearms, for that matter - could come to the wrong conclusion.

Source: The Journal

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