Indie Royale Goes To The Moon

| 16 Oct 2012 15:11

The Indie Royale Fall Bundle is enough to bring a tear to a strong man's eye.

The days are getting colder, the nights are getting longer, the leaves are turning fabulous reds and oranges and falling to the ground. It must be time for a new Indie Royale! That's right, kids, the Indie Royale Fall Bundle is here, and it's another pay-what-you-want winner.

Leading the pack this time around is To The Moon, a famously tear-jerking tale about an old man's dying wish to travel to the moon. Gamespot gave To The Moon its "Best Story" Award for 2011, and it was also the year's highest user-rated PC game on Metacritic. In spite of its pedigree, I haven't gone anywhere near it, because I'm afraid of emotions.

Moving on, then, we have Blackwell Deception, a well-received adventure from the good folks at Wadjet Eye, and Avseq, an "audio-visual sequencer puzzle game" that made its debut on Steam in August. Reprisal and Oil Rush make up the balance of the bundle and while I don't actually know anything about them, they both look quite cool. They each come with full soundtracks too, so that's a nice plus.

Speaking of music, anyone who forks over at least $8.00 will also receive the album 88:88 by Makeup and Vanity Set. I've never heard of them either, but the samples up on Bandcamp are actually pretty groovy. This track, entitled "Homecoming," is particularly good.

The Indie Royale Fall Bundle will be available for a little less than five days and is currently sporting a minimum price of just a bit over five bucks, and as usual, paying more than the minimum will push the price down even further. It's a good deal for some really good games, so give it a look at

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