God of War: Ascension Gets a Multiplayer Beta This Winter

| 23 Oct 2012 11:31

Those wanting early access to the God of War multiplayer beta should join Rise of the Warrior.

The prequel to Kratos' blood-soaked saga, God of War: Ascension, features competitive multiplayer action, and Sony has announced that its multiplayer beta will be out this winter. However for those who can't get enough of muscular Greeks beating up anything that moves, there is a way you can get into the beta one week early: join Rise of the Warrior, a social game that - though not out right now - will give free stuff to those who play it before Ascension's March 2013 PS3 release.

In Rise you play an imprisoned hero, seeking vengeance against the one who killed your father. It's a social, exploratory experience; you pick up clues hidden within a graphic novel, which in turn lead to quests across the web, and those lead to "new discoveries and rewards," according to the official page. It's not available yet, but will be soon.

Those who participate get early access to the Ascension multiplayer beta, as well as rare weapons and armour sets. Plus, of course, the usual warm glow only known to those who get first look at something the rest of the world is waiting to see.

The multiplayer God of War experience will have you, as a heroic champion, fighting for the greater glory of your God. Each God grants special powers to his chosen servant; Zeus, for instance, gives you lightning blasts both for close-up and long range damage. Zeus is the only one we know about right now. The other three - Hades, Ares and Poseidon - will have their powers revealed shortly.

Source: God of War: Ascension website

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