Grand Theft Auto V Claims Official Release Window

| 30 Oct 2012 13:38

Pre-orders for the next Rockstar saga will begin in November.

In contrast to the annual or biennial release schedules of many popular franchises, new entries in the Grand Theft Auto series seem to come out whenever they damn well feel like it. Nearly five years since Grand Theft Auto IV graced store shelves, Rockstar has revealed it will be ready to lay the fifth numbered GTA installment at our feet in Spring 2013.

No firm date has been offered up, but at least knowing that the game is (hopefully) less than six months away should be enough to drum up some excitement. Fans who simply can't wait to throw down some cash for the upcoming title will be able to pre-order the game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 starting on November 5th. No release details were given regarding the PC version of the title.

GTA V was first revealed in October of last year in a tweet by Rockstar. Since then, an extremely slow trickle of information and game artwork has been all we've seen of the game. This is the same strategy that the company employed before the release of GTA IV, so while the release window announcement promises "a host of new information" coming next month, we expect the game will continue to be teased in nibbles rather than mouthfuls.

Source: Rockstar

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