Sony's Puppet Game Puts a Pumpkin on Your Head

| 1 Nov 2012 09:38

PlayStation's upcoming Puppeteer takes you to Hallowee Ville.

A love of Tim Burton's gothic aesthetic inspired the latest video release for PlayStation's puzzle platformer Puppeteer. All the shots you see in the trailer come from Hallowee Ville - and no, I don't know why they dropped the 'n' - the latest level reveal for this head-swapping game.

You play as Kutaro, a child whose head was stolen by the callous, greedy Moon Bear King. In order to navigate the levels, you have to replace your lost noggin with whatever comes to hand; in this case, a pumpkin. Hallowee Ville is one of the locations in the game which, according to art director Gavin Moore - has "really gone to pot since the Moon Bear King took over."

"Who needs to be scared for fun on an outing to Hallowee Ville," Moore adds, "when your whole world is full of fear?"

The trailer shows off just some of the Hallowee scares to come, but if you were looking forward to a release date, consider this the rock in your candy bag. Sometime in 2013 is all I know.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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