Kill Notch for Charity in Team Fortress 2 Mixup 5

| 14 Nov 2012 10:20

This year's Team Fortress 2 Mixup will donate its takings to Doctors Worldwide.

If you ever fancied blowing Notch of Minecraft fame into itty-bitty pieces, and donating to charity for the privilege, then you may want to check out the recently announced Team Fortress 2 Mixup 5. Among the faces waiting to be blown up are Robin Walker of Valve, Chemical Alia of Gearbox, Lplasama of Bethesda and a host of others, in a match to take place at an unspecified date in early December.

The hijinks are to raise cash for Doctors Worldwide, and it works like this: each Mixup donation puts you in a raffle to win one of three open slots in the charity match. Your fellow participants include celebrities like Notch and also seasoned shooter veterans; the full player list can be found here. The more you donate, the greater your chances of winning and, in addition to playing in the match, winners also get Valve swag. If you can't play on the chosen day - and the Mixup crew is being cagy about the exact date, for fear of hackers - you still get the Valve loot.

The Mixup has been going since 2010, supporting a different charity each time; the last time out, it raised over $14,000 for Child's Play. The video seen here is from the Child's Play match, and should give you an idea of the forces that might be arrayed against you. Always assuming you win the charity raffle, of course.

Source: PC Gamer

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