Drink a Pint of Game of Thrones Ale

| 18 Dec 2012 01:05

Game of Thrones beer is coming, and just in time for the Season 3 Premiere.

You may have read A Song of Ice and Fire and enjoyed its HBO adaptation, but now Brewery Ommengang is hoping you'll give Game of Thrones ale a try. The brewer has entered into a license agreement with HBO to produce four new beers and ales, each based on the popular medieval fantasy series. Unlike previous Game of Thrones beverages (which are apparently a thing), these beers are intended to connect directly to the themes and characters of Westeros and its surrounding world. It's not entirely clear how Ommengang is going to achieve that, but does it matter? There's really only one purpose Ommengang intends for these beers: for you to drink them during the Game of Thrones Season 3 premiere.

Ommengang's first Game of Thrones beer, the aptly-named "Iron Throne Blonde Ale", should hit stores for Season 3's launch by March 31st, 2013. The ale will be available on draft, the more authentic choice to be sure, but 750ml bottles can also be purchased at the recommended price of $8.50. Three other beers are planned to follow, with one debuting in Fall, and the others during later seasons.

If your Game of Thrones premiere party will already have drinks on hand, it probably makes sense to give Ommengang's brew a shot. Just remember to drink responsibly, as it's unlikely anyone will be around in the morning to chop your head off and end your suffering.

Sources: IGN

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