Bethesda's Endless Summer Surfaces in Australia

| 23 Apr 2013 11:50

Bethesda Softworks is cooking up something called Endless Summer, but it doesn't sound quite as pleasant as the title would suggest.

What is Endless Summer? It sounds to me like the title of a coming-of-age comedy flick, or perhaps a Harlequin-style romance novel (one of the tasteful ones, that is) but the truth is that aside from apparently being a videogame, nobody knows.

The name surfaced on the Australian Classification website yesterday, with a rating of MA15+ for "strong horror themes and violence." Bethesda Softworks is listed as the author, which I guess is Australianese for "developer," and the publisher is ZeniMax Europe.

And there you have it. There may be some connection to Bethesda's recently-revealed The Evil Within, although that bit of wild and baseless guessing is due solely to the proximity of its announcement and the fact that they're both horror games. We've reached out to Bethesda for more information, and in the meantime - speculate! Endlessly, if you like.

Source: Australian Classification

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