Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 Debuts This Summer

| 22 May 2013 14:44
Tokyo Jungle promo artwork

Sony's revealed plans to pack four of the PlayStation Network's best downloadable exclusives onto a single retail disc.

If you look at Sony's history since the firm entered the gaming biz, you'll notice a trend of constant rereleases. First the company introduced the Greatest Hits line which repackaged successful games at a reduced price. Now Sony wants to take the same tack with its PlayStation Network titles, and thus we have the verbosely-titled Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1.

As you've probably surmised from that "Vol. 1" bit, Sony hopes this release will be the first entry in a new line of relatively budget releases. How budget? According to the official, the Best of the PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 will hit the PlayStation 3 on June 18 with a retail price of $30.

As for what that $30 buys you, Sony's assembled a pretty impressive package. You have lesser known gems like When Vikings Attack!, esoteric hits like Tokyo Jungle and Sound Shapes, and rounding out the collection is Fat Princess, a cutesy strategy title that is way, way more addictive than it has any right to be. Overall, it's a very solid collection of PlayStation Network-exclusive games, and that $30 price tag is a sizable discount compared to the price you'd pay to grab all of these games individually.

So what's the catch? Sadly, if you buy the Best of the PlayStation Network, Vol. 1, you're only getting the base games. None of the DLC released for these titles will be included, nor will the games that feature PlayStation 3/PS Vita crossbuy technology include an additional Vita version (or even a download code). Basically, for your cash, you're just getting the initial, vanilla, PlayStation 3 iterations of each of these titles.

Still, if you've missed these games previously, this should serve as a solid way to finally see what all the fuss is about. Tokyo Jungle and Fat Princess by themselves are worth the price of admission, so it's difficult to be too upset with Sony about the lack of extra content in these titles. It would've been nice had it been included, but at $30 this package is still a bargain.


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