DayZ with Dinos: Welcome to The Stomping Land

| 23 May 2013 02:40

Hunt dinosaurs or others players in this upcoming online survival game.

Once upon a time, Alex Fundora was an animator on Skyrim. Now, he and two others are striking out with a pocketful of ideas and a surprising amount of funding. Armed with a prototype, they tried out Kickstarter and promptly met their funding goals. Their game, The Stomping Land is an ambitious title that's about hunting dinosaurs in a survivalistic online world where other players might be just as dangerous as flesh-ripping raptors.

The trick in The Stomping Land isn't so much the killing, it's the harvesting. While a small dino might go down quick, you'll have to slowly carve it up, leaving you vulnerable in the meanwhile. It's not just other players you'll have to fend off, but larger predators as well. That's where the trust and teamwork should come into play. Players will be encouraged to for tribes and build camps to store their spoils. Meanwhile, the more dinos that get hunted, the more scarce game will be (just like in Oregon Trail), so raids on competing camps become more common.

The Stomping Land is obviously a very ambitious game, and it sounds like Fundora's team doesn't lack for creativity. They've already met their paltry Kickstarter goal of $20k, and there's still time left on the clock. $15 nets donors a PC copy of the game, and $35 also gets you a softcover survival guide. The Stomping Land currently has an estimated delivery date of May 2014.

Source: Kickstarter via Eurogamer

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