Borderlands 2's Krieg Trailer Is Romantically Psychotic

| 31 May 2013 22:31

If you think you're awkward in social situations, just wait until you meet this guy.

You may recall that the latest addition the Borderlands 2 crew is a psycho by the name of Krieg. This fact left many fans wondering how a violently insane brute could learn to work in harmony with the other Vault Hunters. Well, maybe it was just me who was wondering that, but Gearbox has an answer, and it's probably not what you'd expect. Krieg's new trailer, delightfully titled A Meat Bicycle Built for Two, shows us the soft-spoken romantic trapped in the body of a schizophrenic barbarian.

The trailer depicts Krieg's journey from wasteland savage to joining up with the marginally less insane Vault Hunters. To say more of the story would spoil the clever twist that Gearbox brings to a character that, at first glance, would have been flat as a board in the personality department. So, check out the video. Done? Alright, good.

Krieg's split personality does shine through in gameplay, though it's less pronounced than it is in the video. His inner monologue occasionally shines through, giving players a glimpse of the gentle giant's true thoughts. Of course, given the nature of minute to minute gameplay in Borderlands, you'll spend most of your time invoking his murder-happy persona and gleefully screaming obscene non sequiturs.

Krieg can be recruited by purchasing the Psycho Pack DLC for Borderlands 2, which you can pick up for $9.99.

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