Legend of Zelda Fan Video Shows Link's Dark Side

| 3 Jun 2013 17:01

It's Link vs. Dark Link in Corridor Digital's latest video.

Over two and a half decades, The Legend of Zelda franchise has spawned a couple dozen games and a short-lived TV show, but there's never been a movie adaptation, which is probably for the best. That hasn't stopped fans from making their own live-action interpretation of Nintendo's beloved series. The latest Youtube video, made by Corridor Digital with some outside collaboration, shows what might happen if Dark Link got loose in the forest. Hint: it's violent.

There are some great details in this video that Zelda fans are sure to notice, and the costume and weapon work are excellent. As a foe who is consistently creepy and annoying to fight, Dark Link makes a cool antagonist in live-action form. The battle choreography is great, particularly when Link and his darker, more evil half go sword to sword, but it's Dark Link's badassery that really grabbed my attention. Well, until that whole "arrow to the neck" thing.

This isn't Corridor Digital's first foray into gaming-related videos; previous projects include a live-action Minecraft trailer and a look at what video game cheat codes would look like in real life. Since an official Zelda film seems unlikely and Nintendo tends to put a halt to feature-length fan videos, shorts like this may be the only chance we get to see what a real live Link would be like.

Source: Corridor Digital

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