Primordia Writer Debuts Prequel Novella

| 4 Jun 2013 17:44

The first of a three-part prequel to the point-and-click adventure Primorida is now available as a free download, while the game itself can be had on the cheap as part of the latest Indie Royale bundle.

Released last year by retro adventure publisher Wadjet Eye Games, Primordia is an outstanding sci-fi adventure set on a devastated planet on which all life has been destroyed, and all that remains are robots. It's new enough that I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't yet had a chance to play it, but I can say that it's a fascinating mystery that's resolved by the end of the game - one way or another - but never entirely explained.

But a few of the gaps have now been filled in thanks to Fallen, an illustrated novella by Primordia designer and writer Mark Yohalem, who released the first of its three parts today. It's spoiler-free, so you can read it even if you haven't yet played the game, and while Primordia itself wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs, Fallen - or at least the first part - is considerably darker.

And if Primordia is still on your "Games To Do" list, I've got more good news: It's part of the Indie Royale Hammerhead Bundle, which is available now for a minimum of $5.67. I have no idea why it's called the Hammerhead Bundle but it also includes Pressure, Forge, Richard & Alice, Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage and Potatoman Seeks the Troof. Gas Guzzlers is the only other game in the bunch I've played but it's an absolute blast and well worth the price of admission in its own right; toss Primordia into the mix and you've got yourself a serious deal.

"Awake," the first part of the Fallen novella, is available in either PDF format or as an audiobook with music on YouTube. The second and third parts will be released over the next two weeks, after which they'll be assembled into a single publication in both PDF or ePub formats. You can keep up with the release schedule on the Wormwood Studios Facebook page; the Indie Royale Hammerhead Bundle, meanwhile, runs until June 7.

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