Knights of Pen and Paper Wants To Take You To RPG Heaven

| 6 Jun 2013 09:53

There was a time, once, when we all spoke in a vaguely European accent.

Paradox Interactive's Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition is one of those titles that hits all the nostalgia buttons, as this old-school RPG trailer will demonstrate. Get your friends round the dinner table, pass out the character sheets, and it's off to the dungeon for loot and glory! Play a game of players of playing a game, and that +1 isn't just there for show: all kinds of new content has been added to the original mobile experience for this 2013 desktop release.

You play as both GM and players in this one, as you take on the role of a gaming group. You'll be in charge of pretty much everything from the room you play in to the characters your players play. Will your grandma play a ferocious warrior? Maybe your kid brother fancies himself as a wise wizard. Everyone gathers in the Tavern - a new addition for the desktop release - to strategize and swap out characters, before heading back into the wilderness once more. The Game Master is the one who chooses what fights you get into, and with how many monsters. Like any RPG it's risk versus reward; try not to go for a TPK as it only demoralizes the players, but the bigger the monsters are, the better the loot.

This is set for a June 18, 2013 release, and is in pre-order at the moment. The pre-order will set you back $9.99, and the Deluxe edition with even more content is going to cost $14.99. It'll be out on PC, Mac, and Linux when it finally launches. If you want to learn more, best head over to the game's website.

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