Man Asks For Jail After Running Out of Xbox Games

| 6 Jun 2013 13:18
Jail Bars

A New Zealand man on home detention asked to serve out of the last month of his sentence in jail after he ran out of videogames.

The enemy of gamers everywhere is time. There's just never enough of it. For some people, squeezing in even an hour or two of quality gameplay while also contending with things like work, family and life in general, can be a challenge. A fifty-hour epic becomes less tenable when coupled with a fifty-hour work week and as responsibilities stack, many find themselves hoping and praying for even just a few free moments to level up or work in a few frags.

One man in New Zealand however, when faced with the prospect of all the time in the world, discovered that there is some truth behind the adage of "too much of a good thing." According to Whangarei police, a 19 year old man who had served ten months of an eleven month home detention sentence asked to be taken to jail because he "had run out of Xbox games to play." He apparently told police that he intended to breach his home detention sentence if he wasn't taken to jail.

It's actually not hard to imagine why the individual in question might have made the decision he did. Gaming is fun; you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in these parts that would deny that. That said, imagine if it was your primary activity for ten months and then couple that with not being allowed to leave your home that entire time. No matter how cozy a butt groove you've worn into your couch by that point, you're going to be getting antsy. A few weeks of jail time just to get out of the house might seem worth it after that long.

Source: The Northern Advocate

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