PlayStation 4 Recruits Two Free-To-Play MMOs

| 6 Jun 2013 22:45

Fans of Sony Online Entertainment's online games may notice a fresh burst of life on the servers.

"It only does everything" may be the tagline for the PlayStation 3, but it may have to yield that title to its successor as the details continue to roll in. You can add massively-multiplayer games to the list of the things the PlayStation 4 "does" now: Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it will be porting two of its most popular MMO titles to the next-gen console. Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online, both free-to-play, will be available for console audiences with the standard assortment of subscription plans and microtransactions.

Both games are an easy fit for the PlayStation 4's catalogue. DC Universe Online is currently available on the PS3, with a surprisingly large following of console players, so it makes sense that upgrading to the new Sony platform won't cost players their console MMO progress. Meanwhile, Planetside 2 has been eyeing a console port for some time. While the immense MMOFPS never made it to the PS3 - possibly due to competing interests with CCP's Dust 514 on the same platform - it looks like the war for Auraxis will continue on the next generation of hardware.

"Since the launch of the original EverQuest, we have pioneered major shifts in the development of MMOs and videogames as a whole," says SOE president John Smedley, "and now we're bringing out titles to the forefront of next-gen gaming. Players are evolving and want a variety of ways to access and play games. Our goal is to deliver epic gaming experiences that players crave while harnessing the awesome power and technology of this incredible new platform."

Source: Joystiq

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