Dying Light Zombie Parkour Trailer Wishes You Good Luck

| 7 Jun 2013 09:00

Good night, good luck, and DUC ... d'oh, well.

Dying Light, developer Techland's zombie survival parkour title, has a very simple premise: the supplies are over there, somewhere in that sprawling urban hellscape, and you need to get 'em. In your own time, sunshine, but bear in mind that during the night the undead become more active and dangerous, and there are special predators that can only be encountered after dark. Daylight is your friend, but even then you can't expect an even break, as this Good Night, Good Luck video demonstrates.

If you're wondering who Techland is, it's the studio behind the original Call of Juarez and its sequel, Bound in Blood, among other games. This title does have a website, but there's not much there at the moment. February 2014 is its projected release date, and it's been confirmed that this title will launch on both current and next gen consoles, as well as PC.

So, how fast can you run? Bet it's not quite fast enough ...

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