Sang-Froid Indie Tower Defense Pits You Against The Devil

| 7 Jun 2013 10:57

It's snowy Canada, 1858, and the Devil wants your sister.

Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves, an indie title recently given the Steam Greenlight, mixes tower defense with third-person action, in a fight to save your sister from the Devil. You play as one of the two brothers O'Carroll, setting traps and strategizing by day, and ambushing the Devil's werewolves, will-o-the-wisps and Wendigo by night. Defend your house, barn and other buildings from destruction, because if you lose even one, that's game over. Take a look at this toe-tapping trailer; could you stand up to Satan's minions?

Got your ax and muzzle-loader? That won't be enough to save you, as most of Satan's get are a lot stronger than you. You'll need to be clever, planting traps to kill or hold enemies, laying firewalls to redirect them, or setting up bonfires to intimidate them and buy you some time. Make sure you get your weapons blessed and lay in a plentiful supply of liquor, to keep your spirits up. You have access to a little magic, which can be used to harm them or help you, and a handy zipline can move you around the map quickly enough to catch the enemy napping. But be warned: they can see, hear, and smell you, which makes ambushes tricky things to set up. Even wind direction will become a factor, and if you learn how to manipulate the breezes you'll be able to trick your enemies rather than have them track you down. The game's scripted in cooperation with fantasy author Bryan Perro, and the cheerful tunes come courtesy of folk musicians Nicolas Pellerin, les Charbonniers de l'enfer, and la Volée d'Castors. Fancy a look at some gameplay? Why not have a look at this video over here.

Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves is out now on Steam, for $14.99.

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