Halo Comes To Xbox One At 60FPS [UPDATE]

| 10 Jun 2013 14:08

Microsoft has just revealed a new entry in the Halo franchise for the upcoming Xbox One.

Here we are, yet again. A new E3 conference, a new Xbox console, and a new Halo sequel. What we initially expected to be an in-depth look at Bungie's upcoming Destiny actually turned out to be a teaser for the next Halo, as a robed figure pulled back its hood to reveal Master Chief, standing in a well-rendered desert, facing down a giant robotic enemy.

Not much is known of this new Halo title - though it seems important to note that it was never once referred to as "Halo 5" - but according to Microsoft, the game is a first-person shooter, that will feature dedicated servers and cloud functionality through the Xbox One. Further, it will also run at 60 frames per second (though there's no word on what resolution the game will be locked at).

The new Halo is slated to appear at some nebulous point in 2014, so expect a long, drawn-out build up over the next however many months. It appears that the game is in the very early stages of development, so it seems unlikely that anything of real substance will appear soon. That said, Microsoft may have been sitting on this title for months, so the takeaway here is that in the future you're going to be hearing lots about this new Halo game. Hopefully Microsoft will offer an official title sooner, rather than later.

Update: You'll find the trailer I was describing above.

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