Metal Gear Solid V Goes Mature In New Red Band Trailer

| 11 Jun 2013 16:53

We've got a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid V! Okay, actually it's not new. It's a red band re-issue of yesterday's footage, but there's an extra two minutes of stuff in this one.

Just yesterday we reported on the first substantial trailer for Metal Gear Solid V. Remember that? Things were overwrought and melodramatic, and it was jarring to hear Jack Bauer's voice come from the lips of everyone's favorite eyepatch and beard aficionado. Still, it was exciting to see footage from a new Metal Gear Solid title, and with that in mind we'd like you to watch it all over again.

The clip embedded at top-right is the red band edition of the trailer I just mentioned. Meaning: There's nothing preventing Konami from filling this thing's 9-plus minute runtime with violence, swears and genitalia. That's not what's happened here, but the publisher was kind enough to include new material. More than two minutes of new footage, to be specific.

Despite this new content, I largely feel the same way about Metal Gear Solid V as I did yesterday: Looks pretty, seems fun, needs more David Hayter. Look, I like Kiefer Sutherland in almost anything - he was fantastic in The Lost Boys - but after spending more than a decade with one man doing the voice of an iconic character, switching up like this (even if the new actor has way more Hollywood clout) is weird. It makes me feel uncomfortable for reasons I can't explain.

That said, I like the new ideas I see in this trailer. Horses? Awesome! I just hope that we're allowed to eat them. Subsist on tree frogs for too long and horse looks delicious.

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