Square Enix Releases Extended Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer

| 11 Jun 2013 20:46

A new Final Fantasy XV trailer shows off Behemoth battles and gigantic swords.

Final Fantasy fans were likely a happy crowd walking away from Sony's E3 press conference last night. In addition to confirming that the long-awaited Final Fantasy XIII Versus was, in fact, alive and well, Square Enix revealed that the game was being re-branded as Final Fantasy XV and would sit alongside the rest of the series as a full-fledged sequel. Accompanying this reveal was new footage showcasing the game's story and gameplay. Now, Square Enix has released a new trailer showing off the game's combat in even greater depth.

After beginning with a brief "work in progress/subject to change" disclaimer the trailer jumps right into the action, showing protagonist Noctis being unceremoniously mauled by a massive Behemoth. Neatly, the Behemoth's attacks also cause damage to the surrounding area. It smashes through a pole and knocks a nearby vehicle aside. Next the trailer shows off a sequence where Noctis, descending some steps, comes under fire by enemy solders. Their attacks are deflected by some sort of force field and Noctis is then joined by a pair of allies. While the trailer never seems to show the player directly controlling allied characters, they're shown at various points fighting alongside Noctis in battle and even helping to perform special attacks and finishing moves.

The combat also comes across as being very fluid. As seen in the most recent trailer Noctis seems quite maneuverable, able to dodge, roll, and teleport around the battlefield. Noctis also seems able to switch between weapons on the fly, at some points wielding smaller weapons and at others whipping out a gigantic sword that would make Cloud proud. All in all, the gameplay looks to be of a decidedly different breed from the menu driven combat systems that the series has generally stuck to in the past.

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