The Escapist's We Love It Awards at E3 2013

| 13 Jun 2013 16:15

Killer is Dead
Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Publisher: XSeed
You can read our full preview of Killer is Dead here.

From Josh Vanderwall's preview of the game

The action looked intense, with standard attack, block, dodge, and guard break tied to your button presses. A precise dodge is rewarded with an execution move, which one-shots your enemy in a fun thousand-slash animation. Killing enemies and absorbing their blood charges up your Adrenaline Rush ability, which will one-shot any standard foe in dramatic fashion. Additionally, as you slash away at the bad guys, you build your combo meter, which gives you access to new, more powerful combo moves. Getting hit or taking damage will reset your combo meter, so learning to dodge and block skillfully will help you progress through the levels more quickly. Then there was the boss.

Developer: Supergiant Games
The next game from the creator of critical darling Bastion, read more about Transistor here.

Total War: Rome 2
You can read our full preview of Total War: Rome 2 here.

From Greg Tito's preview of the game

I fell in love with Shogun 2 a few years back, and I really enjoyed the interplay between the strategic and tactical layers. Sega's Creative Assembly studio in England has decided to invest in improving its already fantastic engine yet again with Rome and it looks and plays spectacular. Getting my hands on the mouse and keyboard to actually engage in a tactical battle with Roman and Egyptian forces on the sea and land was tons of fun, even if my poor legionnaires were overrun by Egyptian war elephants.

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