The Escapist's We Love It Awards at E3 2013

| 13 Jun 2013 20:15

Disney Infinity
Developer: Avalanche Software
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Disney's answer to Activision's Skylanders series, read more about Disney Infinity here.

Saints Row 4
Developer: Deep Silver
Publisher: Volition
You can read our full preview of Saints Row 4 here.

From Sarah LeBoeuf's preview of the game

During Monday's gauntlet of press conferences that kicked off E3 week, I felt some gun fatigue. Many of the games getting stage time were shooters that shared similar elements, and I just wanted to see something... different. Saints Row IV might have guns (and lots of them), but it's anything but more of the same. My half hour with Saints Row IV had me gleefully shooting aliens, running down vehicles, and setting pedestrians on fire-while trying to save the world from an alien invasion. You'd expect no less of the President of the United States, right?

Developer: Red Barrels
You can read our full preview of Outlast here.

From Susan Arendt's preview of the game

I love horror. Movies, comics, games, whatever, doesn't matter, if it wants to give you the willies, I am all about it. The downside of consuming all that terror-based content is that I'm notoriously hard to scare, and so I'm constantly in search of a game that will make me race to turn on the lights. Outlast is one of those games. I jumped three times during the demo, and yelped like a startled Pomeranian more than once. The developers stood behind me and chuckled as I struggled my way through the brief demo. It was glorious.

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