Beyoncé Settles Music Game Lawsuit

| 17 Jun 2013 14:23
Beyonce Knowles

A $100 million lawsuit between singer Beyoncé "Beyoncé" Knowles and game studio Gate Five has come to an amicable conclusion.

In April 2011, developer Gate Five launched a lawsuit against singer Beyoncé Knowles, claiming she had agreed to take part in the creation of a videogame called Starpower: Beyoncé but then demanded more money out of the deal once work had begun. That led a jumpy investor to pull out of the project, which in turn resulted in Beyoncé's departure in December 2010.

The collapse of Starpower: Beyoncé put 70 people out of work and effectively stuck a fork in Gate Five, but there was enough life left in it to launch a $100 million lawsuit against the singer. Her lawyers had requested that the case be dismissed, arguing that she was within her rights to quit the project because the studio had failed to meet a financing deadline, but in December a judge ruled that it would be allowed to proceed.

But now it's all settled, presumably to everyone's satisfaction - "presumably" because nobody knows who got what, and probably never will. "We've settled amicably," said Peter Gallagher, a lawyer representing Gate Five. "I can't discuss the terms of the settlement, but it was resolved."

So that's that, then. Naturally, we offer our congratulations and best wishes to all involved.

Source: New York Post

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