Xbox One Gets Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Treatment

| 18 Jun 2013 09:00

Get a look at Killer Instinct and Forza Motorsports 5 gameplay.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is going console-happy post-E3, and this time out it's Xbox One's turn; the other consoles will get their time in the spotlight later. Microsoft's Phil Spencer gives Fallon a chance to beat the hell out of him in Killer Instinct, and then they take a nice, quiet drive around Prague. If you were wondering what gameplay looked like on Microsoft's latest, wonder no more.

Fallon's an enthusiastic gamer with plenty of button-mash fu, and no doubt Phil Spencer and the folks at Microsoft are hoping, if not for a bump exactly, at least a pleasant calm after the storms of E3. Not that recent post-E3 news has been that much better for the Xbone, what with the militaries of the world declaring their disfavor; at least Fallon wasn't trying to play Forza from a nuclear sub.

Xbox One, the $499 Kinect-ready console, will be on sale from November 2013.

Source: Late Night YouTube

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