Thief Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360

| 20 Jun 2013 13:29

Eidos Montreal has confirmed its stealth franchise reboot will have a home on both current and next-gen consoles.

Thief is one of those properties that elicits strong memories from its fans. Considered in its heyday to be one the premier stealth franchises, Eidos has been working hard on a new entry to reboot the series and bring it back for audiences old and new alike. Up until now however, the new game, simply titled Thief, has only been confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PCs. Today, however, Eidos Montreal revealed that gamers won't have to invest in next-gen hardware to play the game.

"It's official! Thief is now confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360 - in addition to PC, PS4 and Xbox One! And, as importantly, the game will ship for ALL platforms simultaneously," said Adam Badke, community manager for Eidos Montreal. While gamers can most likely expect the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions to lack some of the visual luster of their Xbox One and PS4 counterparts, gameplay differences should be minimal. "While the visual quality that PCs and next-generation consoles are capable of is obviously impressive, it's important to know that Thief's core gameplay experience will be the same across all platforms."

While this is clearly good news for fans of stealth games, it's honestly not an announcement that feels all that surprising. Cross-generation versions of games, especially in the early years of a new console's life cycle have been fairly common in the past. The PS2, for instance, continued to see get new versions of games well after the release of the PS3. Since it will probably take time for the PS4 and Xbox One's user bases to grow, we wouldn't be surprised to see other games go cross-generational in the future.

Source: Eidos Montreal

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