Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gets Not-Quite-Official First Look

| 21 Jun 2013 09:00

This one crept out of the stable a little early.

Ubisoft recently posted what looks like a section of Watch Dogs multiplayer action, then dragged it back into the darkness from whence it came, but not before it was snagged by several other interested parties. It's a complicated slice of life; action starts with Aiden being hacked and chasing down his hacker, then switches to the hacker's - that is, Aiden's - point of view. When Ubisoft described this system previously, it was quick to mention that the multiplayer segment could be turned off if the player didn't want to participate, and wouldn't be active during story missions, so if what you're looking at really doesn't appeal, don't worry; you don't have to participate if you choose not to.

Watch Dogs is Ubisoft's near future cybercrime saga, in which you play as wronged hacker Aiden Pearce, trying to set things right in Chicago any way he can. You manipulate city-wide network ctOS to fool your enemies and spread your viruses, while at the same time - in the multiplayer - other people are using ctOS to do the same to you. The action is constantly focused on Aiden so, even during the multiplayer, Aiden's target - though his skin will be just like every other random NPC on the map - is actually the other player's Aiden, effectively preserving immersion even though everyone's technically playing the same character.

This one's due for current and next gen consoles, as well as PC, November 2013.

Source: Geek Mundo YouTube

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