Hotline Miami Devs Reboot Steampunk Chaos Engine

| 24 Jun 2013 09:00

This one's in preorder and will be available via Steam.

"Those who have the strength and skill to overturn The Chaos Engine will be remembered," claims the new website dedicated to this steampunk shooter reboot, a recently announced project from Devolver Digital, the folks behind Hotline Miami. The game had a showing at indie game convention Rezzed 2013, will be on Steam, and is available via preorder for $9.99. There's a short teaser here for you to ogle. Ogle away!

No concrete word on gameplay. The 1993 original featured two-player co-op, in which you went head-to-head with Baron Fortescue's monster-spawning sentient Chaos Engine. The Engine's monsters conquered Britain, and it's up to these six mercenaries to infiltrate the Engine's new Empire and bring it crashing down.

'Coming August 2013' is pretty much all we know about this one. There is a website over here, if you want a closer look, but there's not much there at the moment.

Source: PC Gamer

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