Project Spark Game Maker Hits Beta

| 25 Jun 2013 10:38

Sign-ups are open now.

Project Spark, the intriguing game-maker first revealed at E3, is entering its beta phase for PC, and interested parties are being asked to sign up via the game's site. So long as you have access to a Windows 8 machine, you too can mould a game of your very own however you choose.

"There are an infinite number of ways to play, build and share," Microsoft's Dave McCarthy said at the E3 reveal. "Think blank canvases, or story creation, or taking someone else's creation and building out your own." You get to set each creature's AI, plan out the world, and even plant each individual tree and bush should you be so inclined. Though the UI boasts millions of options, player usability has been a development team focus from day one; those in the beta will get to find out just how successful that design strategy has been.

If you're interested in finding out more, check out Spark's Facebook, or sign up for the beta over here.

Source: PC Gamer

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