Star Citizen Most Successful Crowfunding Campaign Ever

| 25 Jun 2013 13:30
Star Citizen 300i

Chris Roberts' Star Citizen recently raised $10 million and continues to gain support.

Fans of space flights sims let out a collective cry of joy when Chris Roberts, the creator of the Wing Commander series, announced he would be returning to the genre he helped to foster with Star Citizen. Roberts' project quickly found success in the world of crowdfunding where eager fans have pledged more than $10 million in funds since the game was first announced. If this wasn't impressive enough, Star Citizen's has now raised enough money to make it the most successful crowdfunding project of all time.

Star Citizen, which as of this writing has accumulated a total of $10,684,102, stole the crowdfunding crown from the Pebble project, which raised $10,266,845 to make customizable watches. Star Citizen's epic funding comes from a pool of nearly 195,000 contributors who, on average, invested about fifty-four dollars each into the game. While that is a rough average and there was likely a lot of deviation from people who gave more or less, it's still somewhat impressive when you consider that triple-A titles, funded through conventional methods, usually sell for a standard price of sixty dollars at launch. That so many people have been willing to give so much to see Star Citizen made could be taken as a testament to the desire of thousands to see space flight sims revived in the modern game industry.

Source: VG247

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