Civilization V: A Brave New World Heralds Dawn With New Trailer

| 28 Jun 2013 09:46

Oh GOD! A TRai ... waitaminnit.

So close ... soooo close, but that launch date for Civilization V: A Brave New World stubbornly hovers a few short days away. To keep you going, have a gander at the latest launch trailer. Not much in the way of gameplay here this time, but it does give you a glimpse of what will be important to your civilization in the coming months. Thinking beyond your borders will shape the world; just try not to get too freaked out by those pesky newfangled cinematographic spectacles.

There's all kinds of changes on the horizon. Trade Routes - which you get access to as soon as you research Animal Husbandry - lets you funnel cash and goods all over the map, but also have a substantial effect on Tourism and Religious Pressure. Policies and Ideologies will mould your civilization's mid to late game strategies, Art has its role to play, and there are new civilizations to play with.

Patience! You'll have to wait until July.

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