Remember Me Developer Invites You To Remix Its Music

| 2 Jul 2013 10:57

Prizes! Getcher prizes while they're hot!

"We all thought it would be great to let you do, on my music, what the main character in [Remember Me], Nilin, does to people's memories," says composer Olivier Deriviere. If you have any skill in remixing music, now's the time to prove it, as there are prizes on the line, including a current generation console of your choice as well as other Remember Me merchandise, an exclusive vinyl LP, and other fun stuff!

You'll need to head over to the remix competition website for download and upload links. All competition entries are displayed on the remix competition website, and the two winners will be chosen by the community and by Capcom. Capcom's going to be deciding this on creativity, concept and its appropriateness to the universe of the game, while the community votes on its personal favourites. The whole thing comes to a stop on July 31st, so if you want a shot at this, better get cracking.

Capcom's going to announce the winners on August 1st. Think you have what it takes? Time's a-wasting!

Source: Remember Me competition website

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