Pikmin 3 Gets "Meet the Pikmin" Trailer

| 8 Jul 2013 16:58

A new video runs players through the characteristics and abilities of all five Pikmin types.

Of all of Nintendo's franchises, Pikmin is likely the most brutal. How else can you truly describe a series centered on the forced recruitment of innocent flower creatures that the player then forces into hard labor and battle? The gaming gods only know how many poor Pikmin have been gobbled by the wildlife of their world or drowned by hapless players directing them to their dooms. Now, with the Pikmin 3 just a few weeks away Nintendo has released a new video to help reintroduce would-be slave drivers to their soon-to-be subjects.

The new "Meet the Pikmin" trailer gives a basic rundown of each of the five Pikmin types. It begins with Blue Pikmin, gifted with the ability to swim. Next in the conga line are the Red and Yellow Pikmin which are fire and electric resistant, among other things. For Pikmaniacs however, the real interesting part of the video will come toward its end when it shows off the Rock and Winged Pikmin, new additions to the franchise. The Rock Pikmin are the heaviest variety and smash through Crystal Walls. Winged Pikmin, as their name would suggest, have wings and can fly. Whether or not their aerial abilities will be enough to escape your space man oppression has yet to be confirmed.

Between this video and what we've already seen in the past, Pikmin 3 looks as though it could be shaping up into one of the best titles on the Wii U. Fans, who have waited for close to a decade for a new entry in the series, will likely be pleased when the game hits store shelves on July 26th in Europe and August 4th in the United States.

Source: Nintendo Life

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