Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect Trailer Promises Fedoras, Tesla

| 10 Jul 2013 13:45

The classic sci-fi detective game returns with The Tesla Effect.

One year ago, Big Finish Games announced that it was bringing everyone's favorite space detective back via Kickstarter. Now, it's ready to show off its work with a flashy new trailer. Previously known as Project Fedora, Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect is the first game in the adventure franchise in over a decade.

Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect will feature the same inventory puzzle/dialog tree style of the previous titles. While it will keep the full-motion video sequences, it will also have full 3D environments for players to explore. Instead of being a linear story, it will be built out of branching narratives, so player choice will matter.

Tex Murphy was very much a product of its time. A point-and-click adventure game built out of full-motion video, it overcame its inherent clunkiness with an imaginative premise and solid writing. Living in a post-World War 3 San Francisco, Tex Murphy is a hard-boiled detective who deals with mutants, martians, and mad men, and occasionally saves the world.

Tex made his first appearance in 1989's Mean Streets. While it followed a pretty standard adventure game model at the time, it also had a hovercar simulator, which let you explore a post-war San Fran with polygons you can count on your fingers. The series signature full-motion video wouldn't come around until Under A Killing Moon in 1994. Those interested in the history of the series can find it all on GoG. Empowered with decent video compression technology and free from the limitations of compact discs, it should be interesting to see what Tex looks like in the 21st century.

Big Finish Games is currently looking at releasing The Tesla Effect later this year.

Source: Big Finish Games

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