Vin Diesel Seemingly Reveals His Marvel Studios Role

| 10 Jul 2013 15:19
Vin Diesel next to Giant Man poster

This morning Vin Diesel posted a new image to his Facebook account that appears to suggest who the actor might be portraying in future Marvel Studios films.

Vin Diesel, star of Pitch Black and the (increasingly awesome) Fast & Furious franchise, has long been rumored to be in talks with Marvel Studios for a role in one of the company's upcoming film adaptations of its many, many comic book properties. The key piece of info missing from all of these rumors has long been what character Diesel may play, but a new image recently released by the actor seems to offer a gigantic hint.

Pun fully intended.

That image you see embedded at top-right is the picture Diesel uploaded. In it we see three members of the classic Avengers line up: Iron Man, Thor and Giant Man (aka Ant Man, aka Hank Pym, aka The Superhero Who Beat Up His Wife That One Time). As Marvel Studios fans will know, Iron Man and Thor are roles already taken by Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth respectively. Giant Man however, is a character that we know will play a part in future Marvel Studios films. It's been established that director Edgar Wright is working on an Ant Man film, and this image suggests that the star of that flick could very well be Vin Diesel.

Granted, this is largely speculation, but it would make a lot of sense. Diesel is a huge, muscular guy, who could very easily slip into the role of a superhero alongside Marvel's established acting troupe. Further, he's got a voice like a blackhole. If you've seen Diesel's heartwrenching turn in The Iron Giant you already know that his gravelly baritone perfectly suits a 50-foot-tall character, and while it's less of an asset for moments when Giant Man assumes his Ant Man persona, we still wouldn't be too upset to see Diesel in the role. Say what you will about the man as a classic action hero born two decades too late, but he's got a massive well of charisma (and if those stories he tells about his days as a Dungeons & Dragons nerd are any indication, Diesel should bring an appropriate level of geek excitement to the role).

We'll bring you more on this story just as soon as anything official emerges. Stay tuned.

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