Grand Theft Auto V "Upset" Hideo Kojima

| 11 Jul 2013 22:27
Grand Theft Auto V screen detail

Hideo Kojima worries that Metal Gear Solid V won't be as good as Grand Theft Auto V

Much ado has been made recently about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain embracing and integrating open world mechanics into its story and gameplay. If all goes to plan, The Phantom Pain should give players an entirely new level of choice in how they sneak through enemy territory. Even with the new game already looking fairly impressive however, series creator Hideo Kojima can't help but feel a little bummed out on account of Grand Theft Auto V apparently looking better.

"I saw the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V," said Kojima in a recent Twitter post. "It was amazing, so awesome. The degree of freedom-it's the future of games! It's on a different level than other games. But honestly, I'm upset. I can't see our 'V' gaining victory over their 'V.' But Rockstar's production team is the best. Make no mistake, they increase what's possible with games" We'll grant Kojima the fact that GTA V will probably outperform The Phantom Pain in terms of units sold. GTA IV, for instance, managed to sell six million copies in its first week while it would take several years for Metal Gear Solid IV to squeak past the five million mark.

That being the case, even with Metal Gear Solid V adopting a more open world style of gameplay, it might not be the fairest of comparisons. Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear offer different experiences and GTA just happens to have a wider reach than Kojima's franchise. Now, it's obvious that Mr. Kojima's comments are meant more to praise Rockstar than to belittle his own studio's efforts. That said, the man would still do well not to sell his own game short.

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