Artist Turns Movies Into Twisting, Intricate Maps

| 16 Jul 2013 10:30

Andrew DeGraff has a different take on ... now, what was that movie? Simon Pegg was in it, I think.

If you have a favorite genre movie - particularly if it's part of the Star Wars universe - illustrator and teacher Andrew DeGraff has something you ought to see. Imagine a movie laid out like some intricate schematic, or treasure map, with the character's paths through the story forming the connecting trail. Now try to work out which movie is which. "I've always been a little obsessed with scale models, and I think that feeling of a precious, complete, little recreation is what the maps embody," says DeGraff. Obsessed with scale models, eh? That would explain a lot, though DeGraff's attention to the least and last detail is what makes these artworks really sing.

These aren't the only movies DeGraff intends to map out; there's plans afoot for more, and some - like the Paths of Trek drawing - have been available for sale in limited edition print form, though in that instance it looks as though the print run may have sold out. Either that or someone needs to give the online shop a kick in the unmentionables. They're gorgeous pieces, every one; as DeGraff puts it, "much more like toys made from the plot of the films" than illustrations.

Want a little more of DeGraff's work? Then head over here.

Source: Wired

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