Ouya Brawler TowerFall Coming to PC

| 19 Jul 2013 02:35

The critically acclaimed multiplayer title is leaving its Android confines.

There's something special about a local four-player game.
Beyond the simple limitations of split screen, that's about the number of people who can comfortably crowd around a television, but still leave enough room for trash talk and the occasional punch in the arm. That's exactly the kind of experience that TowerFall aims for. While it's been received with open arms and glowing reviews on the Ouya, it's trekking out onto the PC with some new goodies as well.

Developer Matt Thorson made the announcement via Twitter. While it will take "a couple months" to complete, he also promised that it would include "a ton of new content." When asked about price, he responded "probably $15. Maybe $20 if the new content justifies it."

TowerFall is a local multiplayer game where four players duke it out in quick-paced rounds. Equipped with a bow and only three arrows, players will have to recover shots if they miss. It has received positive reviews so far, with the Penny Arcade Report calling it Ouya's "killer app". However, Thorson makes it clear that this move isn't a vote of no confidence for the Ouya. As he tweets, the "Ouya version is doing great! Just want to expand :)."

While the Ouya didn't have any issue raising funds when it was a Kickstarter darling, things have been a bit slimmer for the Android console post-launch. Many critics seem to blame the dearth of attention on the lack of compelling original titles, an issue that Ouya hopes to fix with a new funding program. While additional platforms will help TowerFall reach new audiences, it's certainly not doing the plucky Ouya any favors.

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