Tangiers Takes Its Surrealist Stealth To Kickstarter

| 19 Jul 2013 13:33

Hmmmm. Buildings ignore gravity and architecture warps according to the mind-state of the inhabitants? Tell me more ...

Tangiers, an indie stealth game with a very unique and surreal take on the genre, has shifted over to Kickstarter in order to find the £35,000 it needs to keep its developers from starving to death. Drawing on Burroughs, Dadaism, the Throbbing Gristle and Thief - among many other inspirations - it wants to let you dispose of five other beings as you see fit, in a world that rebuilds itself as you play through it. But keep to the shadows! You just don't know when things will go a little too crazy, and reality is as fragile as a cobweb in Tangiers.

It's not as if it doesn't need the money. "It's all very utilitarian and DIY in the Andalusian office," says Andalusian's Kickstarter pitch, "the so called 'office' is Alex's bedroom, Michael's laptop is far too old and held together by duct tape and his office chair is missing a wheel." Both Alex Harvey and Michael Wright gave up their day jobs to put this together, and the £35,000 ask is going in no small part to keep them afloat as well as pay for the extra help, like art and voice acting. So far Andalusian has raised £7,000 at time of writing, with 25 days left to go.

Want to know more about the game's non-linear progression, odd architecture, reactive difficulty, and stealth engine? Well, the Kickstarter's over here, and there's a website over here. Take a look; if you happen to be of a surrealist turn of mind, you may be very glad you did.

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