District 9 Animator Shows Off Dystopian Robots in Short Film

| 6 Aug 2013 15:11

AMP, a short film with some proven talent behind it, tells the timeless tale of a boy and his robot.

Adam Marisett is a man who knows his robots. Having served as an animator on hit sci-fi movies like District 9 and Iron Man, he's trying his hand at directing with a short film titled AMP. The eight-minute video drops us into a grimy future where a down-on-his-luck smuggler and his robotic buddy quickly find themselves in over their heads in... well, it's not clear what they're involved in. The story isn't much more than a proof of concept, but the world is beautifully realized with a blend of sci-fi technology and a lived-in atmosphere that fans of District 9 or Firefly will instantly recognize.

In all likelihood we probably won't see more from these characters, which is a shame. I'd pay good money to keep watching the adventures of this duo: the main character is a dead ringer for a modern Han Solo, with AMP filling the role of Chewbacca with steel instead of fur. The end credits include some great concept art for a world reminiscent of Blade Runner, which is an aesthetic that isn't getting old any time soon.

Marisett recently finished working on the animation of Ender's Game, so if you're a fan of his work be sure to keep an eye on whatever he ends up doing next.

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