Battlefield 4 Lets You Carry Over Stats To Next Gen

| 15 Aug 2013 01:46

Battlefield 4 offers a one time transfer allows players to transfer their stats and multiplayer progression from current gen to next gen consoles.

For PC gamers, "console generations" are meaningless, as PCs can be as advanced or as weak as the user desires, and as they are infinitely backwards compatible, PC gamers never have to worry about losing anything when they upgrade their systems. But for console gamers, upgrading your console is a big deal, as both the PS4 and Xbox One won't be backwards compatible, meaning you'll have to say sayonara to all your old games, and the stats and saves that went with them. Except for Battlefield 4, that is.

DICE have unveiled the Battlefield 4 stats transfer system, in which a one-time transfer allows players to transfer their stats and multiplayer progression from the Xbox 360 or PS3 version of the game to the Xbox One or PS4 version when they are released. "That way, on October 29, you can get in the game without any worries that you will have to start ranking up all over again when the next generation consoles launch," said DICE, "We got your back."

DICE also confirmed something that should come as a shock to exactly no-one: the "Premium" subscription that it spearheaded with Battlefield 3 (basically, a season pass that bundled several DLC packs into a single package) will continue with Battlefield 4. "With [premium] membership, players can expect themed digital expansion packs, new weekly content and personalization options."

If you pre-order Battlefield 4, you'll get the China Rising expansion pack at no-cost. While it hasn't been confirmed that China Rising will be a part of Premium, Battlefield 3's pre-order bonus, Back to Karkand was bundled in Battlefield 3's Premium membership, so you can assume China Rising will have the same deal.

Source: Battlefield Blog

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