Total War: Rome II Smashes Franchise Pre-Order Record

| 21 Aug 2013 12:45
Rome 2 Screen

Total War: Rome II has sold six times as many pre-orders as Total War: Shogun II.

Sega has revealed that Creative Assembly's Total War: Rome II is the most pre-ordered game in the history of the Total War franchise. With the game just a few short weeks from release, gamers have already purchased six times as many copies as its predecessor, Total War: Shogun II, at its launch. Understandably, this pre-release success has Sega feeling enthusiastic about the game's prospects. "Our expectations for Total War: Rome II are extremely high," said Sega producer Sam Sadeghi. "Creative Assembly is all hands on deck finishing up Total War: Rome II and making it the best game it can be. We are working hard on driving awareness and marketing the product. We hope retail can see this and get behind the product to help make it a success sales-wise."

There are a number of factors you could attribute the game's early success to. Personally, I blame it on Spartacus. People watched the Starz series and now there's just a whole crowd of folks who think ancient Rome was nothing but epic battles and equally epic orgies. Rome 2 definitely has the former covered but, if I'm right, there are going to be some disappointed customers come September 3rd when the game releases sans nudity. I could, of course, be entirely off base and people might just be buying the game because it looks good. Either way, it would appear that Rome 2 is headed for a positive launch, which is good news for the franchise.

Source: MCV

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