CATDAMMIT! Has No Nice Kitties on Steam Greenlight

| 20 Dec 2013 10:51

Fir&Flams' free browser game CATDAMMIT! has a Steam Greenlight campaign for its "Director's Cat" PC/Mac/Linux version.

This is no Grumpy Cat. Just a glance at the twitching, chainsaw, "milkoholic" cat to the side of this game's Steam Greenlight page is enough to let you know that this cat does not want cuddles. Polish independent developer Fir&Flams' CATDAMMIT! is a violent, cartoony beat 'em up, infinite runner game available for voting on Steam.

Roman, the star of the game, begins his rampage one hungover morning when he opens a dumpster and finds a chainsaw. The chainsaw sticks itself to his paws and takes Roman to areas of dancing trees and unassuming inhabitants just living their lives. From there, it's like the strange dreams of a cat on too much catnip. In the arcade style, players try to score as many points as they can as Roman and do as much damage as possible with the chainsaw.

CATDAMMIT! was originally a free browser game. The Director's Cat version includes new locations, game modes, characters, and enemies. Foxes act as mobsters, dogs are the police, and cats are sex workers. Visuals are bright and cartoony, and players can leave a path of wreckage in their wake.

The game has an original soundtrack by Maciek Dobrowolski. The electronic, moderately high-energy first track is available to listen on SoundCloud.

While CATDAMMIT! is a single-player game, Fir&Flams is open to considering a multiplayer feature if the game is Greenlit, possibly using a '90s style co-op mode in which two players share a keyboard to play. Should it release on Steam, anyone with a PC, Mac, or Linux will be able to play it.

Source: Steam

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