Roger Corman's Lost Fantastic Four Film Gets Doomed! Documentary

| 14 Jan 2014 10:07

This Fantastic Four film has only existed in bootleg form since 1994, and now you get to find out why.

Once upon a time in 1994 Roger Corman - Pirahnaconda, Sharktopus, Death Race - made a Fantastic Four movie, and it vanished almost without a trace, leaving only bootleg videos and memories behind. Why deny the world this masterpiece? Have a look at the trailer for documentary Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's Fantastic Four. Maybe you can work it out for yourself.

It's supposed to be headed to cinemas at some point, possibly in 2014, but information is sketchy. There is a website and a store, but the store doesn't seem to be 100% functional yet. The blue-ray/DVD combo pack, for example, is listed as available for preorder, but once you get to the preorder page nothing seems to work. Maybe that's irony.

Marty Langford's the editor and writer behind this festival of greatness, which IMDB thinks cost $50,000 to make, or about 1/40th of the original film's $2 million budget. Here's hoping it gets a release date sooner rather than later!

Source: io9

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