Crazy Realistic Fantasy Animals: Gaze Upon The Cuteness

| 21 Jan 2014 10:18

Yes, they are made to order. Would you like one?

Okay, if your brain melts after gazing upon the cuteness, don't blame me. In fact, if your brain has melted, you're incapable of blaming me. So that's all right then. These little darlings come to you courtesy of Russian dollmaker and Deviantartist Santani, and before you ask, no that's not real fur. Realistic though they may seem, these little fellas are just sculpted plastic and genius. Lots of genius.

She does make to order, but shipping outside Russia may be a bit of a trick to pull off. Better go through her contact - found on the Deviantart page - if you want to know more. Her VK social network site is also worth a gander, though you're probably only going to get the full benefit if you read Cryllic.

The bug eyes! They seem to follow you ...

Source: The Meta Picture

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