Grand Theft Auto V Mod Lets You Sink Los Santos Underwater

| 27 Jan 2014 04:35

Someone has made a "Tsunami" mode for the PS3 version of GTAV that sinks the entirety of Los Santos.

Even if Rockstar still hasn't released a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, someone managed to make a mod for the PlayStation 3 version of the open world action game. Made by a user called "Bushigan," it lets players sink Los Santos underwater and you can even drive a submarine around the city, too.

Those planning to try this out, this YouTube link has instructions and a link to download the mod. Be warned, though, you will need a modded PS3 to make it work since it requires a few files to be moved around and such. For the rest of you not as daring, you'll have to contend yourself with watching the videos and hope those rumors of a PC port of GTAV rings true at some point.

Hopefully, this won't be the last mod for GTAV; and once Rockstar does release a PC version with mod tools, expect awesome mods such as this one to be the norm.

I admit, I'm nowhere near as talented as the people who creates mods to even attempt one. But if I could, I'd put a dinosaur in Los Santos just to see it stomp its way throughout the city. What would your dream mod be for Grand Theft Auto V?

Source: YouTube via Kotaku

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