Video Shows Real Life Batarang Working Just Like In Comics

| 29 Jan 2014 03:55

A professional boomerang maker has crafted a real Batarang that actually works.

Professional boomerang maker Victor Poulin has just made one big step in making people feel like Batman -- minus the billions of cash, awesome car and deadly fighting chops -- by crafting a real life Batarang that actually returns when thrown. Granted, it's a lot bigger than what we've seen in the comics or movies, but seeing it in action might make you want to don a cowl and a cape and speak in a gravely voice.

The Batarang shown in the video is 25-inches wide and is made from the best 10ply Finnish birch around. At the end of the video, Poulin also shows off a smaller version of the Batarang that people can purchase for $55 on his website, which is a small price to pay to step into the Dark Knight's shoes.

In other Batman-related news, the big Batman vs. Superman flick set to be released in 2016 won't have its production delayed as previously rumored. Also, Fox is jumping on the Batman bandwagon with "Gotham" a TV show that will focus on a young Bruce Wayne and how he becomes the Batman.

Source: YouTube via Sploid

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