Imperial AT-ATs Invade Sochi Winter Olympics

| 12 Feb 2014 15:50

A fantastic mash-up of moguls skiers at Sochi and Imperial AT-ATs makes for the most entertaining Olympic event you'll see all day.

Danish television show Natholdet found a simple way to make the moguls at the Sochi Winter Olympics a whole lot more interesting: By turning a squad of Imperial walkers loose on it. This clever trailer intercuts footage from The Empire Strikes Back with downhill moguls and some excitable announcers to very impressive effect. And not that I'd ever want to see an athlete seriously hurt, but this, much more so than anything currently on the program, is an Olympic event I'd stand in line to watch.

The only complaint? It's just too short. More Imperial wipeouts, please!

Source: YouTube (Natholdetpaatv2)

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